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OBJETS D'ART is a family business,established in 1999. We are experts in all aspects of quality Framing. We will guide you through the framing process and offer an unrivalled choice of framing options, sourcing our materials from leading suppliers. All work is carried out on the premises.

Does my artwork require a mount?

In most cases the answer to this question would be 'yes'. Mounts protect your artwork and aesthetically enhances it. Double or triple mounts create depth. Our everyday range has a white core which is calcium buffered and will not yellow with age. For more valuable items or antiques we would recommend 'Alphamat Artcare ' or ' Alpharag Artcare' for maximum protection.

Glass choice is also very important

Aside from 'standard float glass' we supply the amazing 'Anti-Reflective Water White ' glass. This has nanotechnology and is almost invisible! It lets in more light, does not distort colours and has 79% protection from Ultra Violet light. We also have a range of 'Conservation' glass which has 99% protection from harmful UV light.

You name it - we can frame it!!

Over the years we have framed many unusual items, including - wedding shoes, baby clothes, a silk kimono, dead man pennies( from the First World War), WW2 WRAF Jacket, sports shirts, records, decorative tiles, CDs...........